March 28, 2010

Posted by John

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Turning MongoDB Into a Search Engine

I know you all think I am only going to post about Ruby and MongoDB so I have decided to shock you with a Pythong post. Yes, that typo was intentional. I always refer to Pythong as Pythong.

Anyway, recently, Harry Marr wrote up some thoughts on how to use MongoDB as a full text search engine.

The post was a fun read and the code is also up on Github. Enjoy all you pythongistas out there!

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  1. I did this for work a few months ago. It’s basically a spider with a limited full-text search. It was shockingly easy (and fun fun fun). I’ll see if I can release the code. It looks like he went way farther on the search side than I did (I cared more about the indexing side). Oh, and I used MongoMapper too, of course.

  2. I was also using mongodb for full text search into my products for an intranet based webapp but that’s not having rank algorithm at all. But I recently got an MongoDB plugin, MongoLantern which can do ranking and fulltext search using MongoDB in a very efficient way. You can also try use it and post your reviews.

  3. Indrajeet Indrajeet

    Jan 30, 2016

    Hi there, I’m engineering student and I’m thinking about making project using MongoDB.
    I basically want to make a search engine but not exact keyword based so I don’t have to be specific for topic.
    I’m thinking about making similar topic document clusters for easy accesing.
    But I have no idea is it possible using this because of course I’m beginner.
    Any suggestions?
    (Sorry for my bad English)

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