May 10, 2010

Posted by Steve

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MongoSF Slides and Videos

We at Ordered List recently attended MongoSF, a conference put on by 10gen, the creators of MongoDB. 10gen just put up the video of our presentations, so we thought we’d share them here. You can also check out all the posted slides and video from every presentation at MongoSF.


John gave a talk on MongoMapper, where he presented existing and upcoming features.

MongoDB and Harmony

Steve talked about how we model data from Harmony in Mongo, and how we transitioned it from MySQL to MongoDB.

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  1. Great videos! Both of them were very useful.

    MongoMapper is looking great, I especially like the plugin system you started.

    The second video was a great help to visualize modeling data in mongo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for sharing these. Both were very informative, but the second one was especially useful – seeing code from a real app was awesome.

    Regarding Single Collection Inheritance: I like the idea, but doesn’t that put unnecessary indexes all over the place? And doesn’t the collection get absolutely massive?

  3. @shaun: It does add indexes and you do have more data in one collection rather than spread across several. For us though it is better this way as those different types get queried and show together as children of a parent page. If we put them in different collections, we would have to query each collection and then unite the children in ruby. Our better bet (someday) will just be to store all account related data in its own database or collection.

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